International Journal of Immunological Studies

   Published by Inderscience           

The International Journal of Immunological Studies (IJIS) aspires to serve as the flagship scholarly journal of the Frontiers in Immunology Research Network. It is an internationally refereed quarterly, which publishes original, high-quality research papers on all aspects of immunology written by scientists in academic and non-academic organizations. The IJIS seeks to become essential reading for students and researchers in all areas of immunological research.

The IJIS welcomes contributions from researchers in academia, staff members of research institutions, international organizations and governments. Interested authors should submit electronically two (2) copies (one in Word and the other in PDF) of original manuscripts in English, with authorship identified on a removable cover page. In their submission letter the authors should state that their papers are their original unpublished contributions and that they have not been submitted to any other journals for review. The reviewing is based on the anonymity of the author(s) and the confidentiality of reviewers’ and editors’ reports. For more on aims & scope as well as other relevant information, please browse IJIS.

For manuscript submission, please link to the International Journal of Immunological Studies.


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